A Brief Insight on How Vinyl Decal Works

Vinyl decal is an amazing product that can aid both businesses and individuals in a variety of situations. The outcome can range from logos, text, stickers, signs, and basically endless other things. It’s an ultimately cool technology that allows us to cut and put pretty much anything on a sign, wall, windows, or any other surface that’s dreamed of by our customers. But how does vinyl decal actually work? 

Firstly, What is it? 

At Floordita, we provide professional vinyl decal decorations around the Maltese islands. This method offers a spotless and pristine look in whatever colour and/or design one desires. In simple terms, a Vinyl decal uses one of the latest technological mechanical cutters. This gives life to the final product, recreating it as a tangible sheet of coloured vinyl. Once the design is cut and finalised, then it’s attached to practically anything – car, wall, glass, t-shirts … the list can go on forever. 

vinyl decal

The process begins with simply imagination, an idea – something that either you or your business needs – along with some design software of course. We take care that the format used is compatible with the cutting hardware, in order to give our machinery, the exact and precise directions. 

Once we have the artwork, we feed it into the program and this gives the magical command to the cutter – instructing it to make light cuts in a sheet of coloured vinyl, in the desired shape or form. The excess vinyl is removed, the transfer sheet will be applied, and at this point, the final design is ready to be attached. 

The Preparation …

The preparation of the vinyl depends on the type of surface we’d want to attach it to. T-shirts, signs, and glass are three of the different kinds of surfaces, all of which require a special process. The simple idea behind it comes in the form of what we know as a special double-sided tape, cut in the exact precise form of the design. This is one of the most important steps, as it assures that the product keeps firmly attached to the surface for a good number of years. 

vinyl decal

Beautiful! … But how can this Help my Business?

Vinyl lettering is an amazing way to get your message out to your clients. It shows a clean and fresh design which will surely catch the eye of many potential customers. Whether you’re having a special offer, a sale, or maybe your business is just starting out, this is a great and professional-looking way to snatch people’s recognition.

vinyl decal

As mentioned earlier, the available applications are limitless. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how vinyl decal may help you and/or your business! 

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